The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation
Research Grants

The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF) is soliciting grant applications for the calendar year 2016. There will be two categories of awards:
  • Pediatric Brain Tumor Grant Awards
    Our standard grant request for pediatric brain tumor awards will continue as usual. We anticipate funding up to two (2) research proposals that are a maximum of two years in duration. Funding requests cannot exceed $30,000/year or a maximum of $60,000 over the course of the award.
  • Glioblastoma (GBM) Research Award
    We have specific funds for one, 1-year research proposal related to Glioblastoma (GBM). The funding request for this award can be up to a maximum of $45,000.

CBTF accepts grant applications from anywhere in the United States of America. Any preclinical or clinical proposal that involves animals or human subjects must have the appropriate regulatory approvals (e.g., Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee or Institutional Review Board) at the time of funding.
Evaluation Criteria
Grants are evaluated in the context of their potential to:
  • Improve our understanding of the biology of pediatric brain tumors.
  • Improve the treatment of childhood brain tumors.
  • Reduce or ameliorate tumor or treatment related sequelae.
Grant Requirements
Each applicant must include the following:
  • Applicant Cover Letter
  • CBTF’s Application Face Page
  • Key Personnel and Institution
  • Detailed Budget (with budget justification) - using NIH format. Although Indirect Costs are not encouraged, we allow up to 10%. Travel costs are not permitted.
  • Biosketches of Key Personnel (PI and co-PIs)     Sample Biosketch with Instructions, Biosketch Template (MS Word Format)
  • Study Proposal - The study proposal may not exceed 5 pages, excluding references and should include the following components:
    • Lay Summary (1 paragraph)
    • Background and Significance
    • Title, Synopsis, Specific Aims
    • Preliminary Data
    • Experimental Design
    • Rationale and Significance
    • Future Plans: Please describe how the data generated from this award will be used to support a future application to the DoD or NIH or the impact of your research on the field of pediatric brain tumors.
  • References
Format Requirements
Font size must be 10 point and appropriately spaced. Those grant proposals exceeding the 5-page limit will not be reviewed.
Grant Submission Deadline
Grant applications must be submitted electronically using the online system: The deadline date is Friday, March 18, 2016, 6:00 PM. Extensions will not be permitted under any circumstance and applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed.
Award Notification
CBTF’s Medical/Scientific Advisory Board evaluates each application and recommendations are presented to CBTF’s Board of Directors. CBTF’s Board of Directors will determine which proposals are funded. Notification of grant awards will be announced by Friday, July 29, 2016. All applicants will be contacted with the final decision regarding their application.

Grant awardees will be required to submit an annual progress report, as well as a statement from the institutional grants office verifying the receipt and use of funds (a requirement of the Internal Revenue Service).

If you have questions regarding the 2016 CBTF Research Grants, please email us at

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